Gjeld under soning ("Debt while in prison") is a movie which was made to help people in prison with their problems with debt. Although the movie was primarily made to help those in prison, it contains a lot of information which may also be relevant for people who are not incarcerated.

In the movie we join Martin Bakke (played by Jante Helgesen), as he regains control of his debt. Martin is helped by Peter Hallsteinsen from Jussbuss, who guides him through the process.

The movie deals with subjects such as debt rehabilitation and payment plans. It also shows a way to get an overview of how much debt one has, and to whom.

Gjeld under soning may be seen by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

Included with the movie is also a brochure, which contains templates for letters and other useful information.

If you wish to order a free copy of the movie on DVD, or the printed version of the brochure, you may get in touch with JURK or Jussbuss.


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